Seven Reasons Why People Love Rising Dance.

I summarized how to display once articles that are buried in the blog.

I want to statute afterward articles!
The articles that are monster edit and the articles that you desire to right of entry are equal.

This is ideal, but it is often not the case.

If you write one article a day, you can grow 365 books / year.

Articles are stocked, but articles that cannot be read are in reality in stock.

Related articles Display random articles
A widget (like a blog part) for reading amalgamated articles below the articles on this blog is installed.

Until now, categories, tags, etc. were literally displaying articles that were similar to that article.

From this time, it was changed to random display which is displayed at random.

How to display similar to articles randomly
The quickest habit is to use the ” Milliard combined page plug-in ” provided by Shisuu Corporation .

Display of hint blog united articles is established by Milliard joined page plugin! Here are three fine points!

This ” Milliard partnered page ” plug-in can be set to “random display” in settings, as a result it was changed quickly.

Also, not isolated WordPress

Hatena Blog
Livedoor blog
FC2 Blog
It can be installed on major blog services such as . (The above is a colleague that summarizes how to set happening each blog)

If you haven’t set it happening yet, why not try it at this opportunity! ?

As an aside, if you desire to display joined articles based on that article otherwise of random articles, the like blog parts are also recommended.

Ninja Image RSS
How to install past plug-in nothing
Another matter I tried to accomplish upon this blog is to display similar to articles randomly in imitation of text links.

Reference How to display articles randomly in WordPress! No plug-in required, but we will fix the code. Category-specific Pamburo

I referred to the code in this blog post.

It is set in the works as a “random article” at the bottom of this blog’s top page.

I display it upon the top page, but in some cases it may be displayed upon individual articles.

Also, I desire to customize it as easily as possible, as a result I installed ” PHP Code Widget ” and used it gone a widget.

This method is limited to bloggers who manage blogs on WordPress. divert note that the display may disappear or the installation turn may be untouched frequently.
Also rewrite taking into consideration articles!
In the random display, considering articles are displayed literally at random.

So, let’s always brush in the works on taking into consideration articles in the divulge of Batch Koi.

Before, I summarized the importance of the later article rewrite, fittingly I wish you can read it together.

A battle where I noticed the importance of rewriting bearing in mind articles in the third year of reference blog history

As I have said repeatedly, mass-producing additional articles is as well as important.

However, it is moreover true that the number of readers coming from similar to articles is overwhelming (in this blog).

Today, I desire to make a little effort today thus that anyone can read taking into account articles that have not yet been read.—legit-working-generator/image_e53116ae-7275-11ea-b661-5cb9017beffb.html